Aladwa contests Makadara seat election results

NAIROBI, KENYA: Former Nairobi Mayor George Aladwa wants the court to nullify the election of Benson Kangara as Madaraka MP.

He filed an election petition yesterday on grounds the elections were marred with massive irregularities. He said several polling stations posted results that indicated votes cast were more than registered voters.

“Kangara was not duly elected as MP for Makadara constituency and the declaration that he was validly elected is null and void,” Aladwa said in his petition. He prayed the court to either declare him the winner or order a repeat election.

In his petition, Aladwa contends the entry of total votes cast, rejected and valid votes in the summary results issued by the returning officer do not tally thereby making the entire counting and tallying process invalid.

“The total cast votes are indicated as 89,152 and the rejected votes were 786 therefore the total valid votes ought to be 88,366 and not 87,618 as indicated,” he said.

The former civic leader further said the form 36 used to declare the final results was not signed by the returning officer and did not bear official stamp.

Posted on THE STANDARD on April 6, 2013