Court postpones Kipchoge Keino plea taking

A magistrate court has postponed athletics legend Kipchoge Keino's plea taking until the Director of Public Prosecution gives fresh recommendations regarding allegations leveled against him over embezzling of funds during the 2016 Olympic games.

Anti-Corruption Court Magistrate Douglas Ogoti issued the direction after his lawyer, Mr Cecil Miller, told court that the DPP has requested to have the plea-taking deferred for seven days.

Mr Miller had told court that the former Chairman of the National Olympics Committee of Kenya (Nock) complied with orders earlier issued by court, and that there were new developments when he appeared before the Directorate of Criminal Investigations.

The lawyer told the court that he had written to the DPP who responded while recommending that his plea taking be postponed to a later date. He presented two letters to the court indicating the communication.

In the letters, it has emerged that Mr Keino was not involved in the day-to-day running of Nock and that he did not authorize inclusion of his son into the Kenyan delegation team that went to Brazil for the 2016 Olympic games.

The four-time Olympic gold medallist was to be charged with allocating his son, Mr Ian Kipchoge Keino, $24,960 (Sh2.5 million) for air ticket and allowances during the Olympics.

His son was present in court while he did not avail himself but was only represented by his lawyer.


Following the new development, the DPP has directed DCI to conduct fresh investigations and for Mr Keino to record another statement in regard.

The court directed that should he be required to take plea, he should do so during the first day of the pre-trial which will be on November 16.

This article was originally posted by DAILY NATION on October 19, 2018