Court summons four more ex-Chase bank managers in Ksh1.6 billion fraud case

Four more managers of the collapsed Chase Bank have been summoned to court to answer charges relating to the Ksh1.6 billion fraud case.

Lawyer Cecil Miller stopped a warrant of arrest requested against Amiran Claudia and Mohammed Khan after the prosecution claimed they had failed to turn up in court.

Prosecuting counsel James Warui Mungai told the trial court Abdul Ahmed and Gharish Omar are in Canada and are willing to come and answer the charges in two weeks, but asked arrest warrants be executed against Claudia and Khan.

Miller objected, saying the court had already issued summons against his clients and that they had since presented themselves before Banking Fraud investigators, where further statements were taken instead.

“As far as I am aware they have not failed to turn up…a warrant of arrest would be too harsh,” Miller said.
Fresh summons

Miller insisted the court issues fresh summons instead of warrants of arrest.

He likened the prosecution’s predicament to a disconnect in communication between the ODPP and BFID.

“It is miscommunication between the two…” he submitted.

Miller said BFID had told him he needed to take them for fingerprints and attendant processing which precede attendance in court but instead detectives recorded “further statements.”

Mungai said he was not privy to this development!

The trial court settled for the suggestion by Miller and issued “fresh summons” to be honoured on September 4 2017.

Former managers Duncan Kabui Gichui, James Mwenja, and Makarios Agumbi, have since been charged alongside the bank’s ex-chairman Zarfullah Khan.

This article was published by JUSTICENOW.CO.KE on August 3, 2017