Court told of bank’s role in Karen row

It is only Barclays Bank that has the right to sell 134 Karen acres, a court was told on Wednesday.

Lawyer Cecil Miller traced the ownership of the land in dispute from 1921 and told the court that BBK had been vested with powers to dispose off the Sh8 billion property on behalf of the owner, Mr Arnold Bradley who died in 1973.

He said records at the Lands ministry indicated that the land belonged to Mr Greatham Norman.

Mr Miller took the court through the ownership of the parcel between 1921 to 1978 when it was sold to Muchanga Investiments, owned by Mr Horatius da Gama Rose.

He said the property had only one title in 1921. The land was subsequently divided into two portions.
“The mother title has several entries which have been exhibited and the last entry shows that the land is owned by Mr Bradley who gave BBK the power to dispose it,” Mr Miller said.

He said entry number 24 was that of Muchanga Investments.

The land is claimed by Habenga Holdings, Mr Jos Konzolo, a widow and six companies.

The hearing continues.

This article was published by the Daily Nation on March 18, 2015