DPP seeks 21 days to supply witness statements in billionaire's Humphrey Kariuki's case

The Director of Public Prosecution has undertaken to supply all the witness statements and exhibits in the Sh41 billion tax evasion case against billionaire trader Humphrey Kariuki.

State prosecutor Vincent Monda urged Senior Principal Magistrate Martha Mutuki to indulge the prosecution for 21 days to supply the statements that are remaining.

"I undertake to supply all the witnesses within 21 days," Mr Monda urged the magistrate.

Mr Monda said some statements and exhibits have been supplied to the accused.

Defence lawyers Kioko Kilukumi and Cecil Miller said they have been supplied with some of the statements.

Ms Mutuku directed the prosecution to ensure they have supplied the statements by September 20.

She directed the case to be mentioned September 26 for further directions.

Mr Kariuki has been charged alongside nine others over tax evasion.

This article was published by the BUSINESS DAILY on September 5, 2019