Kariuki tax evasion case stalls over files

A Nairobi court has directed the prosecution to supply businessman Humphrey Kariuki (pictured) and his co-accused with all documents in compliance with a previous court order.  

When the matter came before Chief Magistrate Martha Mutuku, the court heard that the prosecution has only supplied the defence with conflicting witness statements.

“It was necessary to have the inventory containing the list of witnesses, their statements and exhibits to be used to ensure compliance with the order of the court and its absence meant the prosecution was not ready,” ruled Ms Mutuku.

The matter that was to be heard yesterday failed to kick off again.

Defence lawyers Cecil Miller, Kioko Kilukumi and Edward Oonge argued that the documents supplied should be consistent for all accused persons since they were facing similar charges.

“We got an inventory with 28 witnesses but were supplied with statements of seven witnesses. We do not have statements of 21 witnesses,” Mr Kilukumi told the court. He said without full disclosure, it was not possible to fix hearing dates for the case.

This article was published by the STANDARD on January 14, 2020