Othaya votes exceeded ballots list, court told

The number of votes cast in Othaya exceeded the number of registered voters, the High Court in Nyeri heard yesterday. In the second day of the hearing of the case, the petitioner, Peter King'ara, said there were conflicting figures on the number of votes cast and registered voters.

King'ara has gone to court to challenge the election of Othaya MP Mary Wambui. He said irregularities were found at Gitugi Secondary, Mahiga and Iriaini Primary schools polling stations.

King'ara said the results in forms 35 and 36 were altered. He was being cross examined by Wambui's lawyer Cecil Miller. King'ara said some figures were written on top of others in the forms.

It also emerged that King'ara got extra votes in some polling stations. Justice Jairus Ngaah ordered the voters' register to be availed in court. Wambui spent the better part of the day yesterday in court keenly following the proceedings.

Earlier, King'ara was put to task to explain his argument that Wambui was not eligible to run for the seat. He was also had pressed to explain his claims that he saw Wambui bribing voters and distributing propaganda material during the campaigns.

During the beginning of the hearing of the petition on Tuesday, a video showing how the tallying of votes was temporarily stopped at the Othaya CDF Hall was played in court. The hearing continues.

This article was published by STAR on June 6