Petitioner told to control his emotion

A poll loser was on Wednesday admonished by the High Court for getting emotional during the hearing of a petition in which he is challenging the election of Ms Mary Wambui as Othaya MP.

Justice Jarius Ngaa asked Mr Peter King’ara to answer the questions put to him by lawyer Cecil Miller, for Ms Wambui.

“Let us not get emotional about this and just establish the facts,” said the judge.

Mr King’ara had told the court that Ms Wambui did not meet the integrity and education qualifications to vie for the National Assembly seat.

However, he admitted that President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy, Mr William Ruto, were allowed to vie for public offices even though they were indicted by the ICC.

Mr Miller asked whether Mr King’ara’s agents swore affidavits on all 38 unsigned Form 35s.

“I will not be treated like someone who does not know what is going on. Let Mr Miller ask reasonable questions. He wants you to write that they failed to,” said Mr King’ara.

Justice Ngaa ordered him to answer the question and Mr King’ara said he had 15 witnesses but could not present the 38 agents as witnesses.

He said he wanted the votes to be recounted alleging that there were two separate forms 35.

The judge said the votes would not be recounted until the petitioner applied for a scrutiny and recount.

The hearing continues.

This article was published on The Daily Nation on June 6, 2013