Reprieve for couple in Ksh 6 billion Chase bank case

A criminal court has upheld an objection by lawyer Cecil Miller over the bond terms against two suspects in the Ksh1.6 billion Chase bank fraud case.

Miller said the former Ksh 2 million bond terms were not reflective of the new charges facing Amira Khan and her husband Mohammed Nasrullah Khan.

The lawyer, while speaking to reporters  has once more questioned the validity of the charges facing the couple.

In court he said:The first charge sheet had Ksh1.6 billion and they had been released on Ksh 2 million bond each.

"The new charge sheet indicates a sum of Ksh539,000,000-far less than half the amount in the original charge sheet," Miller said. 

He said the court should take cognizance of the fact that the amount had drastically reduced from what had been stated earlier.

The prosecution however opposed the application.

When the court reconvened to give a ruling trial magistrate Martha Mutuku said she had carefully considered the application and ruled concurred with Miller.

She then p[proceed to pronounce the new terms.

The magistrate reduced the earlier terms by half.

Amira and Mohammed will now pay Ksh 1 million bond and deposit a surety of similar amount.

In Ghent alternative they will be required to pay a cash bail of Ksh 500,000 which in case they are unable to pay then the court will require a Kenyan to stand surety for them and deposit his or her ID ion court.

But just in case the couple disappears before the end of their trial, then the Kenyan surety will have to put  a Ksh 1 million deposit for onward forfeiture.

Amira Claudia Wagner Khan and Mohammed Nasrullah Khana had been accused them of stealing Ksh58 million from Chase Bank and participating in a conspiracy to defraud the bank.