Wambui tells court she knows the Artur brothers

Othaya MP Mary Wambui has admitted publicly for the first time that she knows the controversial Artur brothers.

Wambui told the Nyeri High Court that she knows the brothers since they were friends of her daughter Winnie Wangui.

In a petition filed against her challenging her election as Othaya MP, Wambui told Justice Jairus Ngaah she knew the controversial brothers through her daughter.

She however could not divulge more details concerning the Armenian men.

The Artur brothers, branded mercenaries by some politicians, caused a lot of controversy in the country more than five years ago and are believed to have led the raid on the Standard Group newsroom before they were deported.

During the cross examination by Kyalo Mbobu for petitioner Peter King’ara, Wambui also shocked the court when she said she has a diploma in civic education and an O' Level certificate from the British Council where she said sat the examination as a private candidate. She did not, however, produce any certificates in court to back her claims.

Her education background has always been questioned by her opponents.

She also denied any involvement in post election violence as alleged in the Human Rights Commission and Waki reports on the violence.

“I have never been arraigned in court due to such violence. I was cleared by IEBC to run for the Othaya seat since I was clean,” she told the court.

Mbobu was cross examining Wambui in order to verify her integrity of running for the parliamentary seat.

Wambui’s supporters jammed the court yesterday when she appeared for the first time in court at 2.40pm and would even be heard cheering when the MP was answering questions but the judge warned them that they would be chased away from the court if the trend continues.

The court was drawn into more drama when Mbobu asked her, “Are you married?” but Wambui’s lawyer Cecil Miller interjected saying the question was more personal and the husband was not a petitioner of the matter.

Judge Ngaah ruled that the question is unnecessary since the court was not interested to know who was that man who was known publicly to have married her adding that unless Mbobu wanted to embarrass her.

King’ara who is the petitioner was also in the court during the session.

Winnnie Wangui was also in court.

Mbobu had a rough time cross examining Wambui who is the third respondent in the case since she would reply answers where unnecessary.

The hearing continues on Monday.

This article was published by THE STAR on JULY 8, 2013