Warrant arrest issued against B club director over contempt of court

This was after Barry Ndegeyiyoma failed to appear in court for sentencing over a contempt of court case in which he has been sued by Kilimani residents for playing loud music.

The residents of the upmarket estate, through lawyer Cecil Miller, had sued four entertainment joints located in the area, saying have become a nuisance as they disturb their peace. The clubs include B Club, Kiza Restaurant and Lounge, Space Lounge and Grill, and Explorer Tavern. Ndegeyiyoma was due to be sentenced for contempt of court for disobeying a judgement given in 2019 ordering him to close down the clubs. Through Miller, the residents accused the clubs of playing loud music daily and hosting rowdy drunken revellers thereby depriving them of sleep and security. “What goes on these establishments is causing a bad influence to the children thus violating their rights and fundamental freedoms,” he argued in court papers. In documents filed in court, the residents under the Kilimani Project Foundation claim that the entertainment joints expose them to serious health and security risks.

Ndengeyingoma is the suave and charismatic owner of the swanky club and has made a name for himself in entertainment circles as the flashy and grandiose club promoter who has a penchant for expensive living. He parks his high-end vehicles at the entrance of his club. The cars range from a Lamborghini to a Ferrari and Rolls Royce.